BLOG! Former Bake Off Contestant Kate Henry give her verdict and she's not happy!

Cake week last week saw the be-hatted Stu leave the tent and the lovely Marie awarded star baker.

This week, the first challenge is biscotti, which proves tricky for most of the bakers.

Alvin hopes to ‘get away with’ his jack fruit inclusion – this is a worrying start, especially when he mutters something about mopping up any extra sogginess with kitchen roll.

Marie makes the gigantic mistake of mentioning some biscotti mishaps to Paul Hollywood as he prowls around the tent during the challenge. Oh no, don’t give him an excuse to find fault! Sandy is relaxed enough to play a game of Jenga with hers.

Paul tastes Nadiya’s and can’t decide whether he likes it or not. Marie is definitely not on her usual form, Alvin’s were good but soft, and Dorret’s don’t work at all. Ian’s use of rosemary seemed to do the trick.

Next up is the technical challenge. And it’s that well known biscuit the Arlette. Don’t worry – no one else has heard of it either. FYI, it’s a sort of reverse puff pastry biscuit.

Disaster strikes! Marie’s oven is on the wrong setting – some of her Arlettes are baked perfectly, but not others. Despite not having the full quota of biscuits, the ones she’s managed to bake look good. But she still comes out bottom, while Dorret’s Arlettes (which has a great ring to it) are top.

Last on the list of challenges is the showstopper. This time they have been asked to bake yet another thing no one will EVER bake again. It’s a biscuit box, made of biscuits, with some other biscuits in it. OK then.

Sandy is the only one going for savoury. This is good – I’m gagging for one of her cheese crackers.

Ian is constructing something monumentally huge and Mat has made a fire engine complete with biscuit fireman. But wait – why does he appear to be piping on a couple of perky pink breasts?

Paul has made a box with pictures of himself on the outside, which is about as Kanye West as this show can get. Hang on, what’s Ugne doing? An edible baby with fondant legs? A bit dark!

The negative sound bites are coming thick and fast and I’m not enjoying the music. Sandy’s chin is covered in flour, Marie is shaking and Flora has just broken her biscuit lid in half. Dorret’s frogs are a bit weird looking.

As the judges begin their verdicts, poor Alvin cracks under the pressure of presenting his disassembled flatpack IKEA-style box.

Marie’s is a little bit unimaginative in flavours but her box looks good. Flora’s is hampered by the massive crack down the centre and Nadiya’s is unremarkable. Mat and Ian have triumphed.

Ian is rewarded for his enormous but perfectly round biscuit box with the coveted crown of star baker. Marie is sent home, and I’m not sure that was the right decision. Next week: Bread!

Kate Henry

Kate Henry gives her verdict on The Great British Bake Off Episode 1