BLOG: With a soggy week four now in the bag, former contestant, Kate Henry, gives her low down on who's standing as firm as their cheese cake and who's as unsteady as Sandy's crème brulèe...

It’s week four of the Great British Bake Off and we’re straight into the first challenge signature Crème Brũlèe.

Oh brilliant – a lovely ‘just set’ flavoured custard and a bit of blow torch action on top for a crunchy caramel. Oh no! No blow torches allowed. That’s a bit tight.

Mat’s is making lime and coconut Brulee and his nose is showing signs of frost bite with its rosy glow.

Sandy is using a licorice (yum) and lemon (err what?) combo in hers. Sandy, I love you, but no. I am however, enjoying your impersonations of custard though.

Ugne is using some obscure alcohol and everyone is glugging it. Alvin is making edible panties, apparently and Paul’s is an ‘adult themed’ custard.

Tamal *sigh is making rhubarb and stem ginger puds. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Ian looks a little tired, possibly due to staying up all night to devise his evil genius plan to create a hard caramel topping without a blow torch by making his caramel first, blitzing it in a processor and then melting it in seconds under the grill. He’s good.

With the judging, comes mostly carnage. Most are either sloppy or scrambled egg. Paul, Mat, Alvin and Sandy fail miserably. Ian’s and Tamal’s are wonderful. This is getting predictable.

Next up – a nasty technical challenge and another 70’s frilly cake a la Mary Berry. This time it is a Spanische Wind Torte. Except it’s from Austria.

It’s basically loads of camped up meringue.

Everyone is losing it. Mat is looking to create a glossy meringue ‘like a Labrador’. Sandy is seen putting a decorative cake stand in the oven and Sue is frantically massaging Alvin’s shoulders which has the effect of helping him to singe his meringue.

The judges arrive on the scene and Alvin is given last place for his burnt offering as Paul tops the pack with some very delicate fondant violets and perfect meringue. Penultimately placed Nadiya insists she produced exactly what the judges wanted ‘but just the ugly version’!

The showstopper challenge arrives with yet more drizzle and this week it’s a baked tiered cheesecake challenge.

Flora is concerned about her remarkably simple cheesecakes which are all the same elderflower flavour, especially next to Nadiya who has come up with some kind of David Blaine/Dynamo sorcery with fizzy drink flavoured tiers and a levitating can on top. Tamal is skewering nuts – well someone had to, and his cheesecakes sound as perfect as him. The judges agree.

Ian’s look wonderful and Paul and Mary love his daring spice and herb flavour combinations. Flora is still looking worried and is desperately trying to tszuj her bakes up a bit. Unfortunately the judges aren’t impressed.

Ugne’s looks a bit like a car tyre but the taste is good. Sandy is wobbling again as her top tier languishes on the bench and the judges scoop her runny cheesecake into their reluctant mouths. Poor Sandy.

Mat’s nose has come back to room temperature now and his coconut, peanut butter and honeycomb cheesecakes look and taste fantastic which may well have saved his bacon.

Nadiya wows and Alvin has made a bit of a mess but it all tastes good.

Teacher’s pet Ian steals star baker from under Tamal’s nose and Sandy sadly wobbles out of the tent for good.

Next week is alternative ingredients week. This is my fortè. Bring it on!