The Great British Bake Off baked Alaska drama has made poor ol’ Diana Beard public enemy number one

Last night my heart was broken by Great British Bake Off when my crush of the month Iain Watters got given the boot because he submitted a bin to Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood rather than his baked Alaska.

And no, it wasn’t so they could admire its creamy layers.

The reason? Iain had put his ice cream in the wrong freezer only to be removed by Diana Beard.

Oh the internet was abuzz with cries of Dirty Diana’ and accusations of sabotage. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too happy with the WI wonderer myself.

Does she not realise I’ll never get to admire Iain‘s fine arms and sweat patches as he bends down to put his buns in the oven again?

Then this morning my heart was broken once again as I listened to an interview with Diana and heard a 69-year-old lady cry because she felt she’d been made a scapegoat.

We were 12 amateur bakers, no prize money involved, why would I want to sabotage Iain‘s baked Alaska?’ she said tearfully on BBC Radio Shropshire this morning.

Iain does not hold me responsible at all for his failed ice cream. In fact he rang me three days ago to warn me that the knives were out.’

Oh it’s all so dramatic!

In truth, Iain‘s ice cream was only out the freezer for 40 seconds, so Diana‘s movement of it would have had no impact whatsoever. And I definitely know this as sometimes I whack too hard ice cream in the microwave and it won’t melt. Just sayin’.

I think someone’s culpable for the editing, the freezer space was very limited and we all were allocated our freezer space and it was an utter surprise to find someone else’s ice cream in my freezer.’ Oh it always is Diana, it always is.

However the worst thing for our lovely granny cake maker is that the good Diana name has been muddied.

It has made me lose my integrity,’ she said tearfully. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t have a bone like that in my body, so I think I’ve been stitched up really.’

So to all of those being mean about not-so-Dirty Diana: LEAVE HER ALONE.

How would you feel if someone was being mean to your nanna? EXACTLY. So stop.

And Di babes, do you wanna come over here for a hug? I’ll make you feel better. Bring a bit of your brandy drenched tiramisu too.

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