Greg Rutherford's gold medal was overshadowed by the fact he wasn't naked enough

Congratualtions Greg Rutherford! You’ve won a gold medal… again!

Greg Rutherford‘s good at doing that, winning gold medals.

What Greg sucks at is making the fantasies of every breathing British woman – and gay guy’s – fantasy come true. Basically, Greg needs to show a lot more flesh! AMIRITE?

Greg‘s obviously not body-shy. He’s stripped off for lots of mags – including Now. And he even posed for RED HOT 100, which could possibly be the best photography project in the history of time.

I was there – I know.

For those of you who still don’t understand, the fantasy goes something like this: Greg Rutherford‘s about to attempt his final jump. He claps his hands above his head to get the crowd going, who join him in supportive unison.

With one final pause to compose himself, Greg‘s off, gathering speed with every step as he approaches the sand pit.


And then his shirt magically flies off, exposing Greg‘s beautiful taut torso which shimmers as every flash hits his milky white skin. He soars over the sand and as he lands near the 8-metre mark, his shorts rip a little exposing his [insert body part of choice here].

Cue Greg throwing the crowd a bashful, cheeky grin before welcoming the deafening roar of appaluse.

Job done, Greg, job done – fantasy sorted.

We’ll definitely be seeing you in Rio. *winks*

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