By George! From Prince George to George RR Martin, We bring you... The Official Ranking of Famous Georges You're World Wouldn't be the Same Without (phew!)

It’s England’s St George’s Day. So to celebrate we racked our brains and scoured the celebrity databases to come up with a little tribute: The Definitive and Very Official Ranking of Georges Who Have Changed the World


10. George Foreman: Okay, we’re vegetarian but our meat-eating friends confirm the former boxer’s Lean Mean Grilling Machine totally changed their world (when it came to dinner anyway) 

9. George Washington: Not our president, but history books universally agree he’s pretty important all the same. 

8. George RR Martin: How can we not put the author of Game of Thrones in our list? Without him we wouldn’t be scared to attend weddings…and we wouldn’t have the hunky Jamie Lannister to gawp over (yes, even despite Monday’s ep…)

 7. George Takei: Star Trek’s Sulu not only knows his way around the
bridge of the USS Enterprise but he was also super hilarious on I‘m a
Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!
But he really earns his place on the list for being one of the most vocal campaigners for gay marriage in the States.

6. George Orwell. We’re going all literary, I know. Not only is 1984 a frighteningly feasible vision – and warning – of a dystopian future but it inadvertently inspired one of our favourite guilty pleasures…Big Brother. Totally the opposite of what the legendary literary genius wanted to achieve, but we’re thankful anyway.

4. George from Rainbow: Aww! the cutest pink hippo we ever did
see! Just look at his eyelashes! We used to be convinced George was a
girl having a slow burn romance with Zippy… We wonder what Bungle would
make of that plot twist? While George may not have strictly changed the world per se, he did help to educate millions of kids…

5. St George: Well he did slay a dragon and he is England’s patron saint. Besides modern men could learn a lot about chivalry from him.

3. George Lucas: What kind of world would it be without Star Wars? Everyday we wake up and hope the force is with us (although it’s a shame it wasn’t with George for those prequels).

2. George Clooney: Those piercing eyes. That crinkly smile. That deep voice. Oh, and he’s totally into saving the world, sarting in Dafur. Maybe ER’s Doug Ross is the real St George.

1. Prince George! How could it be anyone but cute little Prince George? He may have just one expression – One is not amused’ – but with those adorable little cheeks we could just gobble him up! (although that would probably land us in the Tower). The little Prince hasn’t had much chance to get stuck into his role as heir to the throne quite yet, but from the minute he was born he made history. That definitely gets him top spot…


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