Instagram pic posted by Kim Kardashian shows North West's perfectly shaped brows

Wow, are those eyebrows for real?! Kim Kardashian‘s cute little girl North West has the most amazing eyebrows!

Kim, 33, posted a pic of six-month-old North on Instagram, showing that her daughter’s eyebrows are not only full and luxuriant – incredibly so for one so young – but they’re also perfectly shaped.

But wait, don’t they look just the teensiest bit too perfect? A little too well groomed, perhaps?

Yes they seem to arch naturally above her gorgeous dark eyes, but is there just the little hint of a suspicion of a kind of a blank space between them? As if they’d been plucked or waxed?

Ridiculous, you say. But take a look at earlier photos of North and you’ll see that right from the beginning there was the promise of a little monobrow

And to be honest, would anyone be surprised if it turns out that Kim has given her daughter a tidy up – she’s kind of well known for her own immaculate appearance, after all?

OK, so it’s kind of weird to think about grooming a young baby – and ouch it would hurt, too, wouldn’t it? – but you can’t deny that cutie North is absolutely gorgeous.

Whether Mum Kim has helped nature a long a little or not, North has definitely been dealt a lucky hand in the eyebrow department. Most women would kill for crackers like those!

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