Kim Kardashian thinks North West didn't look her best so couldn't remain in a picture. WTF?!

IT’S no secret Kim Kardashian loves a selfie.

But in her quest for perfection, the snap-happy reality star has cut her only child North West out of a photo.

Kim, 34, who to be fair often dotes on her daughter, posted a series of shots of North and her pals on Sunday, before posting another shot with an emoji of a smiley face giving a kiss, next to a picture where North was cropped out.

But spare a thought for Kim, who had a tough decision to make. When your entire existence has been about you looking pretty – then a child comes into the equation and demands to share the spotlight it can be all too much to juggle.

Er, not!

The number of pictures I’ve had to delete where I am (for once) looking reasonable and my child crowns the shot with an impromptu snot bubble, is so hard to do.

But you do it.

Or when you go on playdates and a parent takes an adorable pic of your kid and there you are in the background with your bingo wings on show – still the picture goes up on Facebook, and as a mum all you can do is embrace it. Even if you are smiling through gritted teeth. Because it’s not all about you now.

It’s not always about looking picture perfect, but creating memories.

In fact, when was the last time we saw a picture of Kim being caught off guard, or at the breakfast table in the morning just looking like a girl next door?

Kim reacted to the backlash of cutting Nori out of the picture at Disney On Ice very casually on Twitter saying, ‘Wait is this really news that I posted a Selfie & cropped my daughter out? LOL.’

She then explained her reason, ‘[North’s] eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!’

Oh, so she did it all with Nori in mind.

Well, that’s ok then…ahem.