Surely that's the only reason Victoria Beckham is wearing flatties more often preferred by Ellen DeGeneres or Taylor Swift...

I never thought I’d write this sentence in my whole life: Victoria Beckham, who once said she ‘couldn’t concentrate in flats’ and ‘beyond hated’ ballet shoes, is wearing flatties.

Why? Has she given up on life? Cos surely that would be the only reason she’s wearing the flatties more often preferred by Ellen DeGeneres or Taylor Swift.

Victoria, 39, who I always thought was a mutual believer in beauty is pain, is usually seen strutting around in six-inch skyscraper stilettos complete with her mahoosive bunions on proud display. Ouch…

She even wore a pair of her favourite 6 inchers while up a ladder decorating her Christmas tree. And on the pitch while playing in a baseball game in 2007.

But this week she tweeted this pic of a £245 pair of velvet slippers from American brand Stubbs & Wootton slippers. Gulp. Hardly your usual pair of twenty quid flatties from M&S. And what’s more, she says she’s obsessed’ with them!

‘Obsessed with my @Stubbs_Wootton slippers! #livinginthesetillshowday ! X vb #NYFW #VBAW14’.

VB, darling… if you give up on heels, you give up on life. Put them back in the box. And then bury them.


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