Why do we always blame the other woman? Donatella should be applauded for telling Helen Flanagan about those alleged sex texts

There’s nothing quite like a good sex scandal to rev up our inner moral compasses.

In this instance, I’m talking about Man City footballer Scott Sinclair allegedly sexting Sky TV presenter Donatella Panayiotou after the pair met on holiday – and while he was still with girlfriend of four years Helen Flanagan.

Since the scandal was broken by The Sun on Sunday, Donatella has received a barrage of abuse from Helen’s fans on Twitter and has even been told to ‘go die’.

It’s amazing. Why do we always blame the other woman?

Nobody’s saying much bad stuff about Scott. He’s a footballer, so it’s kinda expected, right?

It’s always the ‘other woman’ who’s the baddie.

Well, that’s not fair.

I interviewed Donatella to find out what really happened between her and Scott for Now magazine this week and found her to be a strong lady with even stronger morals.

Not the ‘Dirty Donna’ The Sun dubbed her, just out to get her hands on some other girl’s man.

Because Donatella didn’t do anything wrong, as she explains in her exclusive heartfelt letter published in the magazine this week.

Far from it.

Speaking candidly, she told me how she met Scott on a yacht in Cannes and admittedly felt chemistry with him during the two days they spent together.

However, she didn’t even know who he was at first, and when she found out about his on-off history with girlfriend of four years Helen, she pushed him to find out whether they were still ‘on’.

His view? According to Donatella, they were over and he was going to sort out ‘the situation’ (as he kept referring to Helen) once and for all when he got back to the UK.

She could have gone there, but Donatella refused to respond to Scott‘s alleged flirty advances – even when he complimented her saying how good she’d look in Agent Provocateur underwear compared to Helen, adding: ‘My ex had no bum but great boobs’.

Yes, she swapped harmless texts with him over 12 days, but she stopped when Scott (who admitted the texts were from his phone but said a friend had sent them) turned things sexy and allegedly asked her to ‘tell him a story to turn him on’.

Because she could see from Helen‘s Tweets that far from their relationship being over, she was still very much together and in love with her man.

And Donatella wasn’t prepared to go there if Scott wasn’t a free man. Like many of us, she’s been cheated on in the past and believes girls should stick together.

‘If more of us did then less of us would have our hearts broken,’ she told me.

Yet she’s the one receiving death threats for splitting up Helen and Scott… The world’s mad!

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