Dan Wootton's weekly blog Behind the Interview: What Kerry Katona and George Kay were REALLY like on our shoot


When I first heard Kerry Katona had started dating a convicted criminal who had not long finished serving years behind bars, I groaned like most of the country.

After her car crash relationship with that utter loser Mark Croft (the less said about him, the better), surely this was a case of history repeating itself?

But when I met her new fiancéy George Kay on Now‘s exclusive first interview with the pair since getting engaged last week, he didn’t quite fit the stereotype.

Yes, he’s an incredible hulk of a man, but the security guard, who is now working for Kerry, certainly appeared to dote on the Atomic Kitten star.

In fact, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It’s clear they’re still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship where even a few minutes without physical contact is painful.

So of course that begs the question: Will it last? Kerry and I have a relationship going back many years and I always respect that she answers my questions completely straight, no matter how hard they are.

Are you nervous about getting engaged so soon and having a third wedding? No. I knew George was The One on our first date,’ she replied forcefully. I’m sick of people saying I’m another Katie Price.

The first time I got married (to Brian McFadden) I was 21 and a kid myself. The second time (to Mark Croft) I was on drugs and it was a rebound thing.

Now I’ve been clean for four years and I’ve never been so certain in life. I’m going into this full steam – I know it’s going to work.’ (She turns to George and giggles) ‘It’s got to f***ing work!’

Kerry takes on every rumour about the pair’s relationship in the interview, which you can read in this week’s Now. She also reveals the plans for the wedding and how the pair will have two children together.

For his part, George opens up about his time behind bars, something he was nervous about because it was his first ever interview.

He also tells a brilliant story about how he first proposed to Kerry 15 years ago when they were both rugby-playing teens in Warrington.

Oh, and did I tell you they’ve also dressed up as characters from the prison-themed musical Chicago? Yes, it really is a must read!

– Read the first interview with Kerry Katona and George Kay in Now magazine – out now!

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