I've watched the 50 Shades Of Gray trailer a few times now. Let's hope British men do too!

We have many reasons to thank EL James for creating Christian Grey. And the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer – starring the oh so sexy Jamie Dornan with Dakota Johnson – means we need to thank Sam Taylor-Johnson for bringing him to our screens too.

Women learnt a few things from the 50 Shades series of books. I even overheard a casual conversation about butt plugs in the Now office the other day.

Now men can learn many things about women and sex from the 50 Shades of Grey trailer too. You’re welcome boys!

He was polite…’
Anastasia describes Christian as being polite. We like good manners and social skills. And table manners are very important. No woman wants to sit opposite a sloppy eater. And the ability to make polite conversation. Because dirty talk is best kept for the bedroom, not in front of the in-laws.

Sometimes a look says more than a thousand words. The chemistry between Christian and Anastasia is sizzling in the trailer (bravo Jamie and Dakota!)with lots of deep and meaningful looks. Undress us with your eyes, not just your hands.

Love in an elevator
When Christian slams Anastasia against the lift wall, that’s sexy. That was the moment women in the Now office were making noises about. Passion. We want a confidant man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to make a move to get it. Getting it on in a lift? Yes please…

Touch our faces
We’re suckers for PDAs and intimate gestures. A hand on the nape of our neck, the small of our back or holding our face like Christian does with Ana. That’s what will give us tingles. And no doubt gets us into bed…

Piano man
Be good with your hands. Christian plays classical music on his grand piano. We like a man with musical talent. Guitar. Piano. Drums. Whatever. Show us you’ve got rhythm. And above all, make sure you’re confident on the dance floor so you can impress us with a seductive slow dance just like Mr Grey.

I don’t do romance’
OK, ignore this bit. Christian says he doesn’t do romantic gestures but we all know he does. Just on his own terms. We don’t all want chocolates and flowers. But thoughtful gestures – remembering our favourite book and buying a special edition or holding our hand so we cross the road safely – actually mean a lot more than cheesy romance.

Keep in shape
Jamie Dornan is fit. End of. Work on it.

A sense of adventure
Helicopters. Gliders. Ok, not every guy has access to these seduction machines but use your imagination. Surprise us with weekend plans, spontaneous dinners or a picnic after work. Just a little bit of effort goes a long way and we’re easily impressed if you ever show you’ve been thinking about us without prompting.

Enlighten me then’
Want to try something kinky? Just tell us. Ana asks Christian to introduce her to his S&M world and the trailer shows them experimenting in his red room of pain’. Women have fantasies too and are just as interested in spicing things up in the bedroom as men, especially after getting so many tips from Mr Grey. If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

Crazy in love
Beyonce features on the trailer’s soundtrack. Boys, we like a sexy album. It gets us in the mood. Pharell Williams, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake or go old school with Marvin Gaye. And Beyonce. Never forget Beyonce



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