Flanners has been snapped nude in the bath and fully made up. What next?

I think I’m kind of obsessed with Helen Flanagan‘s Instagram. She’s taken over from Kim Kardashian for me (for now).

Maybe that’s because Kim K has gone (a bit) quiet on the Instagram front since the birth of North West.

And Helen knows how to work Instagram.

Her latest offering?

Herself smiling, erm, rather scarily if I’m honest (well, she has hashtagged the photo ‘zombie’) in full make-up, naked, in the bath. With a glass of champagne.

The photo, actually, for once, wasn’t taken by herself.

Just another normal day for Helen, then. Naked bath photos for the world to see? Well, we’re used to seeing Helen‘s bits, soooooo.

But one question… why, just why, are you wearing full make-up in the bath, Miss Flanagan!?

Isn’t the point of a bath to get, you know, clean? I think it’d take about three hours to scrub all that slap off your face.

Nope, this bath isn’t for getting clean. It’s to announce, ‘I’m Helen Flanagan, and I’m gorgeous. And under these bubbles, boys, well…’

Yeah, we get it, Helen.

But the make-up thing is still getting right on my wick.

We get it, Helen, you’re hot. But I think a make-up free bath photo would have actually been more outrageous. Just a thought.

Now, let’s hope that whoever took the photo wasn’t about to dunk Helen under the water afterwards.

I don’t think she’d look half so gorgeous with half a kilo of the Boots make-up counter running down her face…

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