R-Pattz beat Henry Cavill to the part of Edward Cullen in Twilight - but new Superman, Henry, is SO much fitter

I went to see Man Of Steel, the new, much-hyped Superman film last night. And it was good!

I’m not really one for superhero flicks – unless you count Spiderman, which I LOVE – but stuff like Batman leaves me a bit cold.

Man Of Steel was enjoyable, though, and not half because Henry Cavill is bloody gorgeous. And he’s a Brit, too. Get in!

I challenge any girl not to swoon over Henry. Two words: his body.

It’s all pretty gratuitous (and I was kind of sad that this Superman doesn’t wear red knickers over his blue tights), but who cares?

Man Of Steel was escapism enough for me, and I could happily go back for another few movies featuring that torso.

The Metro today tells me that Cavill was beaten twice by Robert Pattinson for film roles: firstly as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, and secondly as Edward Cullen in Twilight.


Well, Henry came out on top in the end if you ask me – even if he had to wait until he turned 30 to properly hit the big time.

I’m not partial to R-Patz in any way, and it’s blue-eyed, raven-haired, hunky Henry who’s got my vote.

Plus, Henry didn’t have to date misery guts Kristen Stewart on his journey to the top, either. Bonus!

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