Getting paid to write a column and mentioning your baby bump counts as making money out of your family, too, Katie Price...

Katie Price, queen of contradictions, has once again gone and dropped herself in it in her column in The Sun.

This time she’s taken a swipe at Kate Middleton‘s nightmare relative’, Gary Goldsmith.

He lives out in Ibiza (arghhh!) in a villa called La Maison de Bang Bang (sorry, but that’s actually just genius) and has tattoos (how dare he!).

He’s also got a dodgy back-story that includes offering an undercover reporter cocaine (OK, so that is actually bad).

He’s been branded the black sheep’ in golden Kate‘s family by the world’s media, obviously. And now he’s only gone and – dun dun duuuuuuun – sold a load of old photos of Kate and co to Hello! magazine.

In Katie Price’s Sun column today, she writes: One thing I draw the line at is making money out of my family.’ 

Right… Katie Price, how can you possibly criticise naughty uncle Gary on making money from his family?!

This is the Katie Price we’re talking about who used to have a reality TV show – starring her kids, mum and sister!

Although she chose to stop including the kids on camera (and the show’s now over, anyway), she’s pregnant – and keeps writing about said pregnancy in her Sun column.

Last time I checked, name checking your pregnancy in the column you, er, get paid to write, counted as making money off your family. In a big way!

There’s nothing wrong with Katie Price writing about being pregnant – we’re interested – but how can she slag off someone else for selling stories on their family in the same column she announced being pregnant in?

Katie Price, don’t you THINK?

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