Want to know if you can still fancy Harry Styles in the buff? Just ask yourself WWCFD?


A weird thing happened to me this morning.

I looked at the Instagram picture of Harry Styles posing naked’ on his sofa – and a strange thought came across me.

At *cough, cough* a very young at heart 34 years of age, am I allowed to go PHWOAR at 20-year-old Harry (seemingly) in the buff?

The picture – posted on Instagram by his
cousin Matt Selley – appears to show Harry wearing very, very little – and
loking every bit the heartthrob.

But I mean, I am technically old enough to be his mother – if I had been that sort of girl.

Thankfully I’m certainly not, but does fancying the, err, pants, off Harry Styles mean that I’m just an overgrown teenager?

It was the same thought I had the other day when I was introduced into the uber yummy Zak Henri while watching the new Adam Sandler romcom Blended.

Obviously the first problem here was that I was actually enjoying Blended – despite it getting a bit of a kicking from the critics.

The second was that I became besotted with Zak, who played the 18-year-old son, but according to Google is a slightly more respectable 20 years of age.

So when it comes to famous heartthrobs what age gap is too big?

I’m quite clearly entering cougar territory.

But am I destined to end up a fully-fledged Mrs Robinson?

It was then I had one reassuring thought. However old I am, my fave TV presenter Caroline Flack will always be four months older.

So there’s your answer: Whenever I see a hottie, I ask myself What Would Caroline Flack Do?

She led the way when it came to Harry Appreciation – and from this cheeky Instagram snap, I can definitely see what she saw in him.

So thank you Caroline, no one can give me flack for my taste again…


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