Could Miss Dynamix star SeSe Foster give birth live on The X Factor?

We hope Gary Barlow has some hot towels stashed underneath the X Factor judges’ desk!

He may need them after SeSe Foster from Miss Dynamix – one of the acts Gaz is mentoring – has casually mentioned she’s actually five months preggo.

Probably before removing her Spanx and sitting down for a nice Carmen Foot Spa. 

SeSe‘s second baby (she’s got a three-year-old girl) is not due till January but as the live shows kick off this weekend we can expect her growing mum tum to be the most closely monitored baby bump since K Middy announced she had a future king shaped bun in the oven.

It’ll certainly give the X Factor stylists an exciting new challenge. Do they make leather maternity shorts?

And how will it affect the already outrageous staging we’ve grown to expect from the show?

If Brian Friedman were still on the payroll we would fully expect Miss Dynamix to enter the stage from a giant egg whilst dancers prance about dressed as midwives.

Eat your heart out Rylan!

And if SeSe does unexpectedly go into labour live on The X Factor at the sheer drama of it all, I guess it would be one way to eclipse Alexandra Burke‘s infamous reaction and would be a ratings coupe Simon Cowell could only DREAM of!

Of course, we’d expect Sharon Osbourne to handle the on-stage birth with calming words of wisdom as Nicole Scherzinger whoops along with the crowd.

Gary would no doubt call it her best performance of the series while Louis Walsh declares the baby reminds him of a young, er, SeSe Foster.

But most importantly, do we get to vote on the baby’s name?

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