She may only be a toddler but we're taking style tips from her already

Harper Seven Beckham stole the show yet again at New York Fashion Week earlier this month – that much is fact.

But no one, not even her mum Victoria Beckham, could have predicted the fashion frenzy following the three-year-old’s turn on the FROW. The sold-out dress! The pumps! The swishy hair! The totally adorable but utterly impractical floppy hat! Jeez, it’s all just so gosh-darn fash.

And then it hit me: this tiny adult is much, much cooler than I am. Which is why, from this day forth, I shall be channelling HB #WWHBD (What Would Harper Beckham Do). So let us count the ways Harper’s winning at life…

Harper’s style rules:

● Don’t wear pink. ‘Harper doesn’t do pink,’ says her assistant Victoria, 40.
● Pop a collar on it.
● Pout (NB: ask Mum).
● Don’t let anyone rush you. ‘It’ll take [Harper] a good 20 minutes to decide what
to wear – and then she’ll change her mind,’ says dad David, 39. Whatevs, Dave, carry me.
● Wear black. It’s just fashwan.
● Grow your hair long. Then grow it some more.
● Perfect a gaze that says: ‘I get fashion. I. Just. GET. It.’


Harper wears:
Monochrome dress, £185, Bonpoint

Gilly wears:
Dress, £25, Louche at Joy.
Shirt, £20, Next.
Pumps, £7.99, New Look

Gilly wears:
coat, £69.99;
hat, £25,99,
both Zara.
Boots, £24.99,
New Look