Why Graham Norton's split from Trevor Patterson has affected me more than normal

Hearing that Graham Norton‘s broken up with his boyfriend of two years Trevor Patterson makes me sad on so many levels – the shallowest being that I had no idea Graham Norton had a boyfriend.

There’s also the fact that I am Canadian – Trevor Patterson is too – and my partner is British.

And now that I’ve been lucky enough to find someone to share my life with, I know that a good man is hard to come by.

It took a chance meeting here in the UK to meet my husband and every day since has been a blessing.

I almost went to a taping of Graham Norton‘s show once (we had tickets and queued up but weren’t lucky enough to make it inside) which doesn’t exactly qualify as knowing him, his boyfriend Trevor Patterson or any of the details of their relationship. Nor is it any of my business.

This news upsets me nonetheless. Because Graham Norton is a celebrity, I imagine it must be difficult to meet someone who you can fully trust.

But from Trevor Patterson‘s point of view, it can’t be easy to date someone who’s constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye.

So purely because this is my blog and I am allowed to choose my topic – from one sister to another, I just wanted to say that I hope Graham Norton and Trevor Patterson are okay!

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