Cruel trolls have dubbed Frankie fat - it's not on!

I think The SaturdaysFrankie Sandford, who’s due to give birth any day now, looks gorgeous.

Can you imagine being pregnant in the public eye? Poor Frankie is under so much pressure – and it’s totally predictable that Twitter trolls are calling her fat.

Oh please! She’s pregnant – very, very pregnant. Not fat.

I know Frankie Sandford is pregnant and that, but f*ck she’s got fat!’ Tweeted one jealous person.

Pregnant and that’? What’s the and that’? I say shut it, unpleasant envious troll.

You’re clearly just jealous that gorgeous, successful Frankie is due to have a lovely baby with her footballer boyfriend.

Another person commented on the Daily Mail Online, WOW SHESS Huuuuuuuge Ew lose some weight love your FATT.’

Trolls could at least learn how to spell before hurling abuse around the internet, in my opinion.

Take no notice, Frankie – you look lovely. And you’re going to make a stunning mum, too.

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