Shockingly, Leo hasn't ever won an Academy Award. And this year he HAS to

Leonardo DiCaprio, I have never, ever been more in love with you than I am now.

From my first sightings of him in Romeo + Juliet and Titanic when I was but a child (albeit one with great taste), it’s been Leomania all the way for me.

Although I don’t think I actually realised that he’s like, the best actor ever, until I started, you know, watching his acting skills and not just fawning over his baby blues (this discovery happened when I was about 13).

Over the years, Leo has starred in some outstanding flicks, from the above Romeo + Juliet (God, I’m welling up just thinking about it), to Gangs Of New York, Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island, The Beach, Inception and Blood Diamond.

And then there’s my favourite film of 2013, Django Unchained. Oh my. That film. Just watch it, if you haven’t. I can’t even.

And the list goes on.

But Leo‘s never won an Oscar. Honest!

He’s been nominated for three – but never won. Not once.

I know, right? Criminal.

But I think 2014 could be his year, for the masterpiece that is The Wolf Of Wall Street.

I had the pleasure of seeing it on Tuesday, and oh MY, is it a treat. It’s a three-hour Martin Scorsese-directed unapologetic joyride through the greedy 1980s and 90s on Wall Street. (Leo also produced the film.)

It’s sex, drugs, hookers, swearing and obscenity all the way, and it has to be seen to believed. It’s FANTASTIC.

I’ve never seen Leo in such a comic role – honestly, I was laughing so much I almost cried (the car scene. The. Car. Scene).

And I even did that embarrassing applause thing at the end of the film – as did everyone else in the cinema.

Leo‘s preaching, rousing, fist-pumping monologues, as money-swindling Jordan Belfort are so long it’s crazy. He should win an Oscar alone for delivering his speeches (and I challenge you not to get sucked in and wish it was 1987, and you were a corrupt banker. No, really).

And God, does Leo pull off 1980s fashion in a BIG way.

Plus he even snogs Joanna Lumley in the film (amaze). 

Please, Oscar people! Give Leo the Oscar he deserves. It’s his time.

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