Serial killer, S&M fan and costume drama outlaw. There’s no end to Jamie Dornan’s talents.


Sigh. Jamie Dornan has been confirmed to play Christian Grey on the Fifty Shades movie. And I will be at the front of the queue to get into the cinema to see it.

But that’s not the only thing I’m looking forward to seeing Jamie (hopefully without many clothes on) in next year. 

My obsession with Jamie is fairly recent. I discovered him in the brilliant BBC 2 drama The Fall earlier this year. There was a naked scene that caught my eye. I’m shallow, deal with it!

And yes, I felt a bit dirty falling for a violent serial killer but there was something about Jamie that made his character Paul Spector so desirable! Come on, he’s a former Calvin Klein model…

Fifty Shades is due to start filming in Vancouver, Canada at the beginning of December and is under pressure to pack in all that nakedness into just two months so he’s ready to film The Fall next February.

At least Jamie won’t have hours in wardrobe to worry about – grey suit. Check! Naked. Check!

Now, not only will we get to see Jamie on the big screen next year but he’ll be back for the second series of The Fall. And he’s starring as outlaw Abe in a new Channel 4 series New Worlds set in the Restoration period. Hello costume drama and English Civil War action!

I reckon this time next year, Jamie is going to be the hottest thing in Hollywood. I’m just glad I was one of the first members of his fanclub!


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