Everybody needs a Kim Sears to get ahead in life

Andy Murray might have won Wimbledon, but the BBC and everyone else seems to be more obsessed with his girlfriend Kim Sears and when they are going to get married than this mighty achievement.

In this respect, I feel for Andy. The musical montage on TV which followed his lifting of that much-coveted and oft-dreamed over trophy showed Kim‘s, not his, reaction the moment it was obvious he had won the tournament.

Now today, the Mail says that Kim, 25,would make the perfect ‘tennis wife’ due to her calming influence on the Wimbledon champ.

Mum Judy Murray has even praised Andy‘s well-coiffed woman for supporting him, saying during a previous tournament: ‘He was out on his own for the first time and had to cope with organising training, laundry, all that. She helped. The best thing she did was cut his hair. He needed it!’ Bless. 

This got me thinking that actually, Andy doesn’t have it so bad after all. I don’t enjoy doing my own laundry very much and I find it hard to remember all the tasks I’ve got to do.

I could really do with a 1950s-style ‘tennis wife’ like Kim, perfectly turned out of course, who could run me through my diary each day and get me dressed and ready for my job.

I think everyone could do with that in truth. I can’t help but believe I would have got much further in my career with such a person to hand. At least that’s what I tell myself.

It being 2013, I didn’t think such people existed – or if they did, you had to pay for them. 

Sadly, I’m not a man and I’m not rolling in cash. So Andy got his dream, but I think I’m going to have to wait for mine.

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