Dating a celebrity is all well and good but what happens when it ends?

There are a million zillion girls around the world who are, as I type, dreaming of dating One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne.

And who can blame them?

Imagine how much fun it would be – travelling on private jets to exotic locations around the world, hanging out with A listers (hello, Simon Cowell), dining at any restaurant you choose (heck, I bet you’d even be able to get a table at the Chiltern Firehouse).

But what about when it ALL ENDS? Yeah, we’ve watched Notting Hill, we know it ain’t pretty.

Danielle Peazer split from Liam Payne more than a year ago but, despite the fact she’s only 26 and has her WHOLE LIFE still ahead of her, she will never be able to shake off the fact she once dated an international superstar.

I predict that even when she’s shuffling around in her slippers at the age of 90, people will still want to know what it was like to date (translation: share a bed with) someone from the biggest pop band in the world.

Let’s spare a few moments to think about another famous celebrity ex Lisa Snowdon. A TV presenter, model and radio DJ who is hugely successful in her own right…but we’ll never forget she dated George Clooney, right?

Lisa once said: ‘People actually ask me what he was like in bed… usually after a few
drinks. They say, “Seriously, though, how was it?” I never tell.’

But Danielle is OK with all this. Want to know how I know this?

Our @Nowmag Twitter feed went into a frenzy on Monday when we posted a story about Danielle, referring to her as ‘Liam Payne‘s ex’.

We received messages from fans around the world imploring us to appreciate that Danielle was much more than just a celebrity’s ex. She was a woman in her own right.

In the end, Danielle stepped in, Tweeting: ‘I appreciate all of your lovely words but I understand that I will forever be referred to as that. It’s ok. No harm caused #whatcanyadooo’.

Beautiful AND smart. Danielle Peazer‘s ex (what’s his name again?) was one lucky man.

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