Solange has a tough job being Bey's little sis

Poor Solange Knowles. The singer has spent all these years being known primarily as Beyoncé‘s sister and when her moment finally comes it’s not a musical hit everyone’s talking about but a physical one.

Her apparent attack on Jay-Z in a lift after the Met Ball has already become notorious and yet another label she’ll struggle to shake off.

It can’t be easy for Solange living in Beyoncé‘s shadow. Everyone who has a brother or sister has at some point been compared unfavourably to them, especially if the former is a high achiever, and it’s pretty tough to deal with.

Imagine what it’s like if that sibling is one of the most famous, successful, adored singers on the planet? Who is also part of one of the richest and most powerful celeb couples in the entire world? I’d guess it’s blimmin’ hard.

Solange has of course achieved recognition in her own right. She’s a favourite amongst fashion crowds and rightly so – she’s honed an eclectic and unique dress sense that she totally owns – and her music is also well worth checking out.

I’m still obsessed with Losing You, her biggest hit to date with an amazing video that showcases her very un-Beyoncé style.

But it’s never quite going to match up to the Bey levels of success. The Drunk In Love star always seems to be one step ahead – just when Solange thought she had cutting edge nailed down, Bey goes and releases the innovative visual album Beyoncé which critics and fans alike go utterly bonkers for. Oh, Solange

Sadly I think Solange is stuck with the ‘Beyoncé‘s sister’ label forever and I feel for her. But she’s not alone – countless celebs before her have landed the unfortunate role of the sidelined sibling. And weirdly they all seem to follow a similar path…

A teenage pregnancySolange first hit the headlines when she fell pregnant aged just 17, later giving birth to her son Daniel Julez Smith Jr in October 2004. Britney Spears‘ little sister Jamie Lynn, an actress and singer, followed a similar route and caused controversy when she announced her pregnancy at 16.

A wedding with a scene-stealing bridesmaidBey‘s younger sibling got hitched to her baby’s father Daniel Smith in February 2004. Teen bride Solange – who got divorced a few years later – looks lovely in the wedding photos but having Beyoncé as a bridesmaid is a wee bit distracting.

Jennifer Lawrence‘s brother Blaine recently learned this lesson when his sister acted as one of his wife’s 11 bridesmaids at their nuptials. The do was featured in Martha Stewart Real Weddings and made the front cover – but who looks at the bride when Oscar-winning actress of the moment Jen is stood at her side?

The bride versus bridesmaid war can be a chance for the sidelined sibling to get their day though – think Pippa Middleton (see final point).

Twitter troublesSolange has 2million followers on Twitter while Beyoncé – who’s Tweeted a whopping eight times since she joined over two years ago – has over 13million. And I’d guess that Solange gets a whole lot of messages simply enquiring about her sister. In a recent Q&A she was asked what her favourite Beyoncé songs are, which she’s probably been asked a ridiculous amount of times.

This is a similar problem for the One Direction siblings. Gemma Styles and co have garnered millions of followers from their brothers’ fame all desperate to get their declarations of love to 1D.

A little taste of the limelight – All of the above surely lead to revenge of the sibling, that moment where the less famous one grabs the spotlight from their superstar brother or sister. Pippa Middleton kicked butt doing this with, er, her butt. Kate‘s younger sis famously stole the show when she flaunted her pert bottom as bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding in 2012.

This moment might be brief but it ensures the sibling’s name remains known forever. Unfortunately Solange has achieved that this week but in the most unfortunate way…

Watch Solange Knowles appear to attack sister Beyoncé‘s husband Jay-Z in a lift…

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