Now reader Mollie Smith* opens up about the emotions you REALLY feel when your ex moves on without you and gives her advice for Eleanor Calder

This week we were all left a little shocked by the news that Louis Tomlinson, 23, is going to be a dad. After recently splitting from his girlfriend of four years Eleanor Calder, 22,  in March it seems that the 1D star has moved pretty quickly with new flame personal stylist Briana Jungwirth who he met through a mutual friend.

And while it might be exciting that a mini-directioner is on the horizon, we couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Eleanor. And the news broke on her 23rd birthday of all times. Talk about tough!

Finding out that your ex is having a kid with someone else is a emotional rollercoaster that Now reader Molly Smith*, 21, knows all too well. She told us her story:

‘When I found out my ex was having a baby it was so surreal!

‘Me and Eddie* started dating about three years ago and we broke broke up just under a year ago.

‘There was a bit of an age gap when we were together, I was 18 and he was 28, but we were intoxicated by each other from the start.

‘We met through one of my best friends, she worked at the local Wetherspoons and he was her manager.

‘We hit it off straight away but, looking back, we rushed into the relationship quickly. Within months we were living togther and I thought that was it, he was ‘the one’, my soul mate. We even discussed getting married and having children.

‘After a while I noticed that the age gap was causing us problems because I grew up and he stayed the same.

‘Eventually it all got too much and we ended it and although I got over the relationship quickly I’d often check his Facebook. I would blame it on just being nosy but deep down it was because I cared.

‘This particular Facebook snoop was different. There was a message on there from his brother saying, ‘Congratulations… I hear your having a baby.’ WHAT?!

‘From what I could understand it was a bit of a shock, like Louis’ was, I’m sure and it had been kept a secret for a while.

‘Although it was close to half a year since we had broken up I was pretty shocked and felt gutted.

‘It made me feel very weird. That’s the best was I can describe it. There are no words because you are over the relationship but your shocked at the same time.

‘So, for me, it was a combination of a sense of relief and a sense of shock. There was quite a few emotions if I’m honest and I’m sure Louis’ ex Eleanor if going through the same thing.

‘After that initial few days I felt more pity for girl having his child, than bitterness. She obviously hadn’t got to know him enough. Having a kid with him is probably the most stupid thing she could ever do. I know that sounds harsh but I know when I was with him, he couldn’t look after himself, let alone a child!

‘You never know, he might have changed. If he is the same as he was when we were going out though I do pity her.

‘I feel a bit rejected if I’m honest but I think that knowing Eddie* it was probably an accident. But to rub salt in the wound she’s also really pretty and it pisses me off!

‘ I haven’t been in contact with him since we ended it and I know one day, I’ll move on and probably have kids too.

‘My advice is too Eleanor would for her to rember that Louis is your ex for a reason. The plans that you made for any future together all finished as soon as you broke up. So don’t worry about it, I’m not…well, trying not to, anyway’.

*names have been changed.

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