The singer hit a new low urinating in a bucket in a restaurant - but I feel sorry for him

Justin Bieber is pretty hard to defend, if the truth be told. 

Urinating in a bucket in a restaurant, to the encouragement of his “friends”, then launching a bizarre rant on Twitter, this is arguably his lowest point yet.

I don’t want to apologise for his bad behaviour, but he’s lived a bizarre, sheltered life, cooped up in hotels since he was a very young boy.

The now 19-year-old first got into trouble when he was caught making obscene gestures to photographers who were camped outside his 17th birthday celebrations. He later apologised – where else – on Twitter.

Speeding accusations which followed were also related to trying to lose photographers.

Usually I find it hard to sympathise with celebrities who moan about paparazzi attention, especially as the public don’t usually know that the celebrities have set up the photographs themselves half the time.

The difference with child stars is that they didn’t have a real choice when they sold their souls. In these times of Instagram and Twitter, there is even less chance of having a normal childhood and adolescence. Every move is documented and judged.

Worse still, Justin does have people advising him – but they are people like Usher, who told him he as a teenager he ought to go on a vegan diet to have more energy on stage. Well-meaning, but not really down-to-earth, unpretentious influences then. A young man like him is bound to attract hangers-on too, something it takes years of wisdom to be able to see through. The only thing he has to be thankful for is that Michael Jackson isn’t still around to get involved.

One of the things I dislike most about the Bieber-bashing is what it shows about our lack of empathy. You can see this in the comments section of any news website – scores of people letting rip about that whoever is mentioned in the article has got what they deserve, be they a celeb or just some poor member of the public who has hit on hard times.

Perhaps the reason so many people tuck in with relish to slam Justin is that we envy celebs so much. When will we learn that fame and money don’t bring happiness? Every day, we see examples of this, yet we refuse to believe it.

Justin is badly-behaved for sure and I won’t try and argue that it’s ok to go around pissing in buckets in restaurants willy nilly, as it were. But maybe, just maybe, he wants to rebel from the constraints of his life, and be a normal, stupid teenager. At this rate, he might just get his wish.

Watch Justin Bieber weeing into a bucket…

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Anna Duff