Lady Gaga's nude X Factor performance was as barmy as ever


Good old Gaga. Just as Britain was gearing up for its biggest storm in years, she decided to hit us with her own tornado of bonkersness on The X Factor.

Wearing just nude undies decorated with shells, she performed two songs from her new album Artpop.

Starting off strumming a guitar, then dancing around like a woman possessed and whipping off her blonde wig, Gaga ended up clambering all over her piano.

Unfortunately, the reaction wasn’t exactly positive. In fact, a lot of viewers seemed bemused by it all, describing it as insane’ and a mess’.

OK, I have to admit that Venus is not among Gaga‘s finest musical moments.

Even the new single Do What U Want is no Bad Romance. But then, what is?

And if we all thought her X Factor performance was bizarre, the previous night she’d gone even further, stripping completely naked at London club night G-A-Y.

With some stars (hello, Miley Cyrus) that would just be controversy for controversy’s sake.

But somehow with Gaga, it’s not about her trying to look sexy to sell records (although I’m sure she’s aware that the publicity won’t harm her in that respect).

It just feels more like a case of her genuinely wanting to push boundaries and not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

Whether you like her, hate her or are just totally confused by her, Lady Gaga still has an unfailing ability to blow up a storm.

At least she could never be accused of being boring. And for that, I love her.


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