Why Cheryl Cole's Instagram preview of her 2014 calendar has made me question my sexuality



I’m totally gay.

But TBH, I’ve never seen Cheryl Cole looking hotter than in her Instagram preview of her 2014 calendar.

Put Cheryl in a pool and the water evaporates. Stand her next to a tree and watch out, gurrl – forest fire! (See? This proves the gayness hasn’t left me just yet)!!

I’m not finished – Sit Miss Cole on a petrol pump and two words – KA. BOOM! Don’t worry, Cheryl Cole wouldn’t be harmed cos IRL that can’t really happen.

In fact, if Cheryl Cole asked me to piggy back her in the desert, I totes would – but only so I could run away with her and have a girly gossip.

And if Chezza had time, I would ask her if we could do face masks. FUN!

Even Cheryl‘s mahoosive tattoo looks stunning. Like, I get why she got it done now – it’s strangely beautiful.

But I think the hottest thing about Cheryl‘s calendar is the strength which smoulders in her eyes. 

With one look, she seems to be declaring that no matter what life throws at you – a cheating husband, a divorce, Simon Cowell – there is always room for a brighter future.

Amen to that.

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