I've given in... they're amazing. Full stop

Women’s bodies should be celebrated. And it’s a Friday. So I’m going to write a nice, lighthearted blog… about boobs.

Specifically, Emily Ratajkowski‘s.

Warning: this blog is totally gratuitous.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know her as one of the really gorgeous models from Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines video.

She’s definitely the most famous of the girls – her modeling career has exploded since the infamous video came out in March last year (um, scary – that long ago?!)

Anyway. I’ve broken, finally – after admiring her figure for almost a year, I’m blogging about her amazing her boobs are.

Because they are just that. PERFECT.

And sometimes, things should to be admired purely for their aesthetics.

Nope, Emily hasn’t done anything – at all – to get her boobs (or we’d all have a pair like hers). But they are now international stars.

Emily may also have a great brain. (I have no idea.) But I really don’t care, either.

Why can’t I look like this? Ah, well. Keep doing what you’re doing, Emily.

And well done to Mother Nature on this one! 

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