Model Paige Reifler has confirmed she’s dating Harry Styles, here’s some facts about her…

Stick your head out the window right now and you’ll hear the sounds of a million One Direction fans wailing over the fact that model Paige Reifler has confirmed she’s dating Harry Styles.

One of those people is me. Apologies for the noise pollution.

Anyway, while I’m not wandering around like a devastated zombie, I’ve been getting my Paige stalk on, and here’s what I’ve found:

At 18, Paige is about 20 years younger than what Harry usually goes for.

Her birthday is October 13th.  

She is signed to Storm Models.

She’s is 5ft 8.5inches. That extra half an inch is muy importante. 

Paige attends the Professional Children’s School in New York which keeps a flexible schedule to support her modeling.

She plays tennis. HUYUH.

Harry and Paige met in New York last summer when One Direction were on the US leg of their Take Me Home tour.

Mr. Styles was spotted wearing her P signet ring after they first met.

She has a brother called Cole and a sister called Kelsey who writes for Vogue.

She wants to be a slasher’ model. Which doesn’t mean brutally killing people. She wants to be a model slash DJ slash designer. You know the type…

Sound like a match for Harr? We hope they’ll be very happy together…

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