Back off Royal haters, Harry can flash his crown jewels if he wants to!


There’s only one thing we’ve all been Googling today – party prince Hazza in all his bare naked glory.

The third in line to the throne Prince Harry fell foul of the curse of the camera phone when a naughty partygoer snapped him larking around naked after losing strip billiards during his Las Vegas blowout.

The pictures have sent the web into a virtual meltdown after we all logged on to get a glimpse of the real crown jewels … and boy was it worth a look.

The Prince was snapped fully starkers in his Las Vegas hotel room cupping his, erm, appendage with both hands while a naked lady hid behind him.

In a second shot he’s bending over the lucky lady pretending to wrestle her – and giving us a full moon flash of his Royal derriere.

The so-called scandal has split the Now office – with half the people furious at Harry for acting like a boozy Brit on a 18-30s holiday …and well, me, who just giggled and immediately screengrabbed the shots so I could study the finer points of his physique at my leisure.

So was it right or wrong for Harry to be knocking back the booze, stripping off and surrounding himself with pretty ladies when he’s a prince of the realm?

Lots of people are saying yes.

If you agree, feel free to follow the link to read my colleague’s blog.

But I say it’s high time we gave the guy a break.

Just because he’s a prince, is Harry not allowed to let his hair – or heir – down?

Everyone needs to blow off steam, get roaring drunk and do embarrassing things once in a while.
And let’s also consider…

Point one: He is in his own hotel room – and I’m sure a lot of other people do a lot worse behind closed doors. Christian Grey for one …

Point two: Harry‘s been on his best behaviour for months – touring the Carribean as part of the Jubilee tour, looking out for Kate Middleton when Wills was posted to the Falklands, representing the Royal Family at the Olympics and, let’s not forget, serving the country as an Army Top Gun’ helicopter pilot.

Point Three: His granddad’s been in hospital – and if he’s anything like me in these stressed situations, you need to drink your feelings and act a bit silly.

Point Four: Unlike the rest of us who are free to relieve the stress of a week and make a fool of ourselves on a Friday or Saturday (okay, I also manage to do it on a Sunday to Thursday too), Harry is constantly under scrutiny with the entire world commentating on his every move.

He might have a life of privilege, but it’s more a curse than a blessing when you have to live it under a microscope.

So, I ask, surely he deserves a bit of fun?

Don’t get me wrong when I’ve had a bad day I don’t often suggest stripping naked with a game of posh pool. But I will have a few Pinot Grigios and send the odd drunk Tweet that I regret in the morning.

It’s part of being young. And British. And it’s what we do best.

Harry’s not like this every weekend. I had a drink with him at Hard Rock Calling last year. He was a real-life Prince Charming, far more polite, helpful and not at all entitled unlike some of two-bit jumped up actors who were there the same night.

So if Harry wants to go mental, surround himself with pretty girls and play dodgy games with his (so-called) mates – that’s fine by me.

Life’s far too short for all this hate. It’s time us brits lost the stiff upper lip and learned to have a bit of giggle like our party prince.

I really can see only one reason to complain about these naked pix: Next time Harry, move your hands so we can get a proper look!

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