Is this a trend or a fantasy? Can we all join in? Get Benedict on speed dial!

Benedict Cumberbatch is one man whose tennis whites I’d like to see.

But that’s just my personal fantasy.

However, when it comes to the actual tennis players they have their own, much more professional, views on who they would like to compete against.

Britain’s No 1 tennis player Andy Murray has revealed he’d like to give Serena Williams a game or ten.

She’s responded by saying: ‘That would be fun. He’s probably one of the top three people I definitely don’t want to play. I’m not sure but I think I can get a game.’

So she’s up for it, then.

Since then the challenge has been laid down to Novak Djokovic to take on any leading member of the women’s tour. ‘I’ll play Sharapova anywhere she likes,’ he says and has agreed to take it seriously. ‘I guess it would be fun, fun, to watch.’

He’s already got, er, playful with her, serving up an imitation of her tennis style, complete with shrieks, at a recent exhibition match.

However, unlike Murray and Djokovic who’ve been pals since boyhood, Serena and Maria should maybe not be playing on adjacent courts. There’s been a bit of a boyf spat between them as Bulgarian tennis player and hot hunk Grigor Dmitrov (who is dating Maria) is believed to have once dated Serena.

But let’s not get too heavy about this. Let’s think who we wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with on court. We’re sure Brad Pitt, who used to play tennis at college, could still be a hot shot and Jude Law would be so cool.

Hugh Jackman‘s gotta be a mean mover. Not to mention our good friend Benedict Cumberbatch, whose forensic skills mean he could dismantle an opponent, maybe from the baseline, extremely efficiently. Except, perhaps, Andy Murray.

Maybe our Mr Cumber-match could take on a dressed-to-kill Naomi Campbell, one of Wimbledon‘s many celeb visitors. You wouldn’t mess with Naomi, especially if she’s at the net. Or the very athletic Cara Delevingne, who’s shown how versatile she is by climbing a pylon at Glasto to watch the Stones

Game on!

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