I'm obsessed with Bruce Jenner's new look - and I think his daughters will be protective over their dad's changing face

Bruce Jenner – what have you DONE to your face? And hair (currently status: ombre). And eyebrows. And nails. And the Adam’s apple reduction surgery?

His ever-changing face is talked about non-stop on the web, and some even speculate that Bruce is undergoing gender reassignment – which he has completely denied.

But do you know what – who actually cares?!

Whatever Bruce wants to do, it’s his choice. And if he’s truly just rocking a dip dye for the hell of it, then go, Bruce, go.

We weren’t having a go at Kim Kardashian when she went blonde, now, were we? (Well, not as much as poor ole’ Bruce has had to face).

No matter.

If you’ve watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians then you’ll know that Bruce is a truly lovely, gentle, doting, caring dad to his daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

He loves his kids, and stepkids. Like, properly. Even when he has to go and play with his toy helicopter in the garden to get five minutes’ peace from the constant drama that a household of six women brings.

Damn, I’d need me a toy helicopter too if I had to live with Kris Jenner.

The pair have now split, but the family remain extremely tight.

So I’d be proud of Bruce if I was Kendall or Kylie. Olympic winner? Well, there’s that for starters.

I love my dad to bits, but his tales of almost getting picked for trials for Birmingham City FC’ can’t quite compete with Olympic gold. (Sorry if you’re reading this dad – I’m sure it’s true.) 

And trachea surgery? Well, that’s Bruce‘s prerogative, too.

As long as he’s happy, so should his family should be. And I bet the close-knit clan are supporting their dad all the way – whatever fashions he’s stepping out in.

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