Sarah's got a six-month driving ban for using her mobile whilst driving, but her lawyer asked for her to be let off for being too well-known. Outrageous!

Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud has got a six-month driving ban after she was caught using her phone whilst driving, taking her to 12 points or above on her license from past offences.

Too right. She was driving irresponsibly. And if it was me caught doing the same, I’d have been banned too.

So I can’t believe that Sarah‘s lawyer tried to get her out of the driving ban. The reason why? He claimed she wasn’t a ‘normal person’ ie too famous to get on the bus!

He claimed she’d be constantly harangued’ if she did use public transport.

Too well-known for the Tube these days, eh, Sarah? Why not have a look through my gallery above.

The likes of Kate Middleton and Rihanna use the London Underground – who, I’d argue, are actually probably a good deal more famous than you, Miss Harding.

Luckily, judge Nina Tempia rejected the plea, saying: You are a normal person as far as the court is concerned. I see no reason why you can’t be disqualified.’

Gutted, Sarah.

Better get yourself a driver, love. Or an Oyster card.

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