Why the Royal couple Wills and Kate set a good example to all newlyweds, but couldn't we have given them a day off for their anniversary?

A topless photo fiasco, months spent apart, extreme morning sickness and a suicide scandal – Prince William and Kate Middleton have had a fair amount to handle since they tied the knot in April 2011.

And worse still, unlike normal couples, the Royal pair has to play out every little drama in the limelight.

So it’s an amazing credit to this cute couple that they’ve pulled off the impossible. For as they celebrate their second wedding anniversary, they seem happier and stronger than ever…despite work forcing them to spend the day apart.

Like many working couples, the Royal lovebirds had to put duties before romance – with Kate spending the day touring Naomi House Hospice, in Hampshire and Wills on shift with RAF Search and Rescue in Anglesey.

But neither was moaning about their lot – they just got on with it.

And to be fair if anyone deserved a day off it was these two.

What with French Closer printing topless pictures of Kate last September, the tragedy of nurse Jacintha Saldanha who committed suicide after a prank call to Kate‘s hospital in December and the Duchess’s extreme morning sickness (something shared by Katie Price), it’s a shame these two couldn’t just be given the day off to spend together watching This Morning and catching up on DVDs – or whatever Royal couples do together.

But I think the fact they kept calm and carried on, is why everyone loves this Royal couple.

Far from the frostiness of the older Royals, including Charles and Diana, Wills and Kate are – to borrow an Americanism – just like us…and that makes them all the more charming.

And this leads me to another reason to celebrate them.

Finally there are two people with a happy, healthy and normal relationship, in the limelight for youngsters to see, rather than just the bed-hopping stars of TOWIE.

And that, surely, has got to be a good thing.

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