Gordon Ramsay's trendy new hairstyle looks like something his younger mate David Beckham would wear

Check out Gordon Ramsay‘s hair on a night out in London this week – all swept forward and shaved up the back.

It’s a bit of a change to the celebrity chef’s usual look, and much more like the kind of style his close mate David Beckham would sport.

So is Gordon, 47, actually trying to morph in to the clearly more good-looking – and younger – David, 38?

I think so! It certainly seems that Gordon‘s trying to look all yoof-ful and trendy. And David is certainly a great role model in that respect – women round the world hanker after him (and quite a few men, too).

It’s common knowledge that Gordon‘s had facial work in the past and it seems that he’s targeting his hair now, too – is he getting a little nervous as he gets ever nearer the big five-oh?

But is the new hair look natural? Is it a transplant? Is it a wig? Rumours are rife but it’s clear that this is a new direction for Gordon and it really seems to be a Beckham-orientated direction.

And while we’re on the subject, is Gordon‘s wife Tana Ramsay, 39, morphing in to David‘s wife Victoria Beckham, 40? All that long brown hair, slimline outfits and, dare we say it, Posh‘s pout?

As Gordon and Tana leave Victoria‘s 40th birthday celebrations at the Arts Club in London on Sunday, the Ramsays could almost be mistaken for the Beckhams.

Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I’m guessing Gordon (and Tana) must really think that David (and Victoria) are the bee’s knees.


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