BLOG: Now's Lauren Franklin says it's time with gave Kate Middleton - mum of two under two - a break...

Kate Middleton hit the headlines this week after she ‘shunned’ her posh friends’ wedding. Instead of his wife, Prince William, apparently at last minute, asked sister-in-law Pippa Middleton accompany him to estate agent Bear Maclean and socialite Daisy Dickson’s nuptials in Devon.

Apparently the duchess’s cancellation was so last minute that her name was still at her place on the top table.

While the reason for the last minute no show is unknown, this isn’t the first big celebration that Kate -the Duchess of Cambridge – has failed to show up to. She’s missed a collection of weddings over the months and even skipped the christening of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s daughter, Mia.

While many are raising eyebrows over Kate giving these events the elbow, I don’t blame her.

Despite the public and media opinion usually being in her favour and positive, the 33-year-old still can’t turn up to events without something about her physical appearance, or general demeanor being commented on.

And this would be grating for any woman, even if she didn’t have a toddler and a newborn to look after.

However, if Kate arrives at an event looking her usual pristine, polished self, the headlines yell: ‘Is Kate too thin?’ Yet if she hadn’t bounced back to her pre-pregnancy weight as quickly as she did, then her frame would still be under fire. And if you don’t believe me, cast your minds back to the comments new mum, Zara Phillips attracted in June when she wore a fitted dress, seemingly showcasing a baby bump, when in fact, she like many mothers of 18-month-olds, wasn’t stick thin.

But then, if Kate is dressed casually, she’ll be accused of looking tired and rundown.

Even when she was pregnant and recovering from chronic morning sickness, pictures of her with a few sporadic strands of grey hair were splashed across newspaper front pages, with giant red circles over them.

No matter what Kate Middleton does, even when the press are positive, it always comes with a subtle negative spike. Why the hell would she want she want to leave home and turn up to yet more opportunities where she can be pulled apart and commented on?


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Lauren Franklin