Seriously, Kendra Wilkinson needs to SORT. IT. OUT

Despite entertaining us all with her constant Bushtucker FAILS on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, it seems as though Kendra Wilkinson is just crying out for constant attention.

Last night, the 29-year-old attempted her fourth challenge in under two weeks; Grim Gallery.

After pushing her head through various works of art, Kendra then had to release stars using just her tongue. Of course, surrounding the stars was a variety of jungle critters – from rats to green ants.

Did she succeed? Pah! You’re kidding right? Amongst whinges and whines, somewhat reminiscent of a small child, Kendra managed to acquire one measly star.

One star equals one meal for camp. Oh. Dear.

This isn’t the first time that mum-of-two Kendra has failed at the trials. Last week she only picked up one star in the Cocktail Shaker trial and at the weekend, she won just two as she faced the Catacombs Of Doom.

I can’t help but think that her awful attempts to win stars are all in an effort to gain further attention from the public; the worse she is, the more we want to see her suffer, so we pick up the phone and ‘VOTE KENDRA’, giving the former Playboy mansion resident even more air-time on the ITV show. Doh.

She’s also been delivering some hilarious one-liners; another attempt to reap in more attention.

‘Oh my God, I’ve got penis down my throat,’ she said whilst noshing on a Bushtuck penis alongside Jimmy Bullard.

‘Licking – that’s what I’m good at,’ Kendra uttered as she applauded herself for winning a star during the Grim Gallery.

‘You come in here with your piece of sh*t ass and make people feel bad. Who are you? The Queen of England? The Queen of the jungle? Just shut your f*cking mouth, you f*cking piece of sh*t. Shut your mother-f*cking mouth,’ she exclaimed to Edwina Currie during this year’s first jungle argument.


Seriously though, Kendra’s camp-mates are starving. Carl Fogarty, 49, was practically skin and bones on Wednesday night’s show and to be honest, I reckon even Jake Quickenden is flaunting a flatter tum.

Oh, and let’s not even start on newsreader, Michael Beurk who actually revealed: ‘I would give my right arm for food!’

These celebs need feeding. Pronto.

It’s time for Kendra to get tough, win some stars, and stop with the cries for publicity. It’s getting old now…

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