Kim Kardashian's bum is even bigger than her baby bump!

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, Kim Kardashian‘s is the most famous bum in showbiz so fellow Kim K bum-watchers (like me) will have already noticed that it’s getting bigger and bigger every day.

Hell, I’m not complaining. After all, Kim‘s made it okay for women all over the world to celebrate their curves. And I’d be lying if I said I can’t take my eyes off hers!

The weirdest thing I’ve noticed recently is, ever since her rapper boyfriend Kanye West got her up the duff, her bum is growing at a faster rate than her baby bump!

So it totally begs the question: Is Kim Kardashian going to give birth out of her bum?

Can you imagine?! Of course she won’t. I hope.

Kim has been fretting about the size of her cheeks to her sister Kourtney, saying: ‘It’s going to be so awful. My ass is going to get so big.’

And she was right – but the best bit is, Kim‘s still got three months to go until she gives birth, so it’s going to get even bigger!

So rest easy girls, no matter how many Easter eggs we eat this week, we will never have the biggest bum in the world. Great, isn’t it? 

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