Dan Wootton's weekly blog Behind The Interview: What Ke$ha is REALLY like


Ke$ha is one of the most provocative celebrities I have ever interviewed with a refreshing honesty that comes from a desire to challenge social norms, something I really respect her for.

She’s fearless about answering even the most personal questions directly and even left me gasping a few times.

For example,when I asked about whether she had a man in her life right now, without any hesitation she answered: ‘I’ve got hos in different area codes.’

The 26-year-old makes a special point of sexualising men because she feels there’s long been a double standard in the industry – male popstars are congratulated for boasting about their exploits while girls find themselves facing all sorts of abuse if they dare to do the same thing.

However, in Ke$ha‘s world, the balance is so very different.

I had to laugh when she told me how any man entering her tour bus was forced to pose naked so their private part could be added to her ‘wall of dicks’!

I was fascinated how relationships worked in this sort of world and it quickly became clear to me being Ke$ha‘s boyfriend would be quite a challenge.

Going against another social norm, she decries the modern day desire for men to talk about their emotions.

In fact, all she looks for in a bloke is ‘a big penis and a car’.

Could that be why her new crush is One Direction‘s Harry Styles?

I have absolutely no doubt many men will be intimidated by this attitude.

She confirms that, saying: ‘Absolutely!

‘Ever since I wrote a song about dismembering men and eating them, I have felt an intimidation factor.’

But I’m more interested in how Now‘s army of female readers will react to her attitudes.

Is Ke$ha a modern day feminist icon?

Or just a little bit crass?

Let me know your thoughts.

Read Dan Wootton‘s shocking interview with Ke$ha in Now Magazine dated 8 April 2013 – out now!

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