With millions of her little monsters looking up to her, Lady Gaga has rightfully vowed to turn her life around

Lady Gaga has been spitting out all sorts of shocking secrets lately!

During a radio interview, she revealed how she became obsessed with facial injections earlier this year – which she’d go and get done by a random lady down her local strip mall – while off her gaga on ganja.

As you do.

So bad was her weed obsession, the 27-year-old admitted to smoking up to 15-20 cannabis joints a day to help ease the pain of a hip injury she sustained in February.

However, it wasn’t just marijuana the Born This Way singer abused – but ecstasy, cocaine and trippy mind drug LSD, too.

I have to be high to be creative,’ she claimed, before describing how she turned to illegal substances to fill a void in her life created by her fame.

But with all her little monsters looking up to her for inspiration, I wasn’t too impressed with her public claims.

Even if they put wild child Miley Cyrus‘ on-stage dope-smoking into perspective!

Because they pose the risk of normalising drugs. If Lady Gaga does it then so can we! her army of monsters may think.

But we all know that drugs kill – and thankfully today Gaga got wise, or so she claimed.

Terrified of not making it to her 28th birthday – like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Jimi HendrixGaga is now on a mission to stay alive and has resiliently vowed to curb her drug-taking.

She said: I want to live and I want my fans to live. I don’t want them to torture themselves the way I have.

I want to show people that I will last past 27 and I will last longer and so will you.’

That’s more like it, Lady G! Big hoorays.



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