She claims to have had a third boob surgically added in her bid to become a star, but is 'three-breasted woman' Jasmine Tridevil for real?

It was a serious OMG moment when American massage therapist Jasmine Tridevil claimed to have paid over £12,000 for a third boob.

What made it even more jaw-to-the-floor outrageous is that the 21-year-old only underwent the tri-breast op to become a ‘TV reality star’, and has actually hired a camera crew to document her life as a three-breasted woman. Sorry, what? That’s pure desperation if ever we saw it!

The big question now though is whether Jasmine is for real or whether this is all one huge, attention-seeking LIE.

We’ve gone all detective-like and rounded up the evidence to make up our own mind…

* She owns a three-breast prosthetic

A document from Tampa Police Department in Florida explains that after various items of luggage were stolen off an airport conveyor belt, a roller-bag belonging to Jasmine was examined and found to contain a triple-breasted prosthetic. Massive giveaway there Jas.

* Could three-breasted woman ‘Jasmine Tridevil’ actually be ‘Alisha Hessler’?

An internet-rumour site has linked Jasmine to a VERY similar-looking lady called Alisha Hessler. On a business directory site, Alisha’s company – Alisha’s Golden Touch, which offers a range of massage services – has also described the American wannabe as a ‘provider of internet hoaxes since 2014′.

Oh, and the biggest clue? Alisha Hessler actually owns the internet domain name,, which she registered on August 7.

* Who would actually give anyone a third breast?

‘Yeah, course I’ll give you a third boob.’ Said no reputable surgeon. Ever. Although Jas claims to have asked 50 doctors prior to finding someone who would give her the surgery she desired, an ethical code by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons says cosmetic surgeons should only ‘enhance the norm’ of a patient’s body. Call us stupid, but we can’t recall a time when three boobs was normal.

* Just a flash – not a stare!

When Jasmine appeared on a chatshow earlier this week, she refused to allow the presenter a long look at her triple-breasted chest claiming that she didn’t ‘feel comfortable doing that just yet’. Instead, she opted for a cheeky flash before swiftly covering back up.

* Her reasons for the op are BIZARRE

‘I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,’ claims Jasmine adding that she ‘doesn’t want to date anymore’. Right.

* We reckon Jasmine is a massive fraud

Despite her third-boob looking as though it’s probably NOT a real boob, Jasmine or whatever her real name is, now has over 8,600 followers on Twitter and is gaining serious publicity left, right and centre.

Nevertheless, we’d LOVE to see the three-breasted woman on Big Brother…or Embarrassing Bodies.

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