Actor Will Smith's daughter could be the next Miley Cyrus in my opinion, says Now's Sarah Tetteh

When the shocking new picture of Willow Smith appearing to be topless caused a frenzy on the internet – all I could think of was OMG, is she the next Miley Cyrus car crash waiting to happen?

Yes, sex sells. But come off it; at the age of 14, surely she could wait a few years before leaving, well, very little to the imagination.

The picture of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett‘s daughter wearing a graphic shirt depicting a topless nude woman that makes her appear topless drew my mind straight back to the time when Miley wanted to rid herself of Hannah Montana for good and posed for provocative shots wearing just a sheet for Vanity Fair in 2008, aged just 16.

Since then Miley has been hitting us with shocking images, well, like being nude on a wrecking ball, and she just can’t get enough of flashing her flesh in magazines – when really she doesn’t need to.

Having seen this girl in concert – she can sing! She has a great voice, talent, and a huge fan base that would no doubt still adore her even if she wasn’t stepping out in nipple tassels at every given opportunity.

A young Willow first came to our attention with her cult hit Whip My Hair in 2010 when she was just nine years old.

Signed to Jay Z‘s record label – the cutesy little girl wore bright ribbons in her braids, and there was nothing not to love about her. I watched her support Justin Bieber alongside her brother Jayden at Justin‘s gig in Birmingham in 2011 – as an adoring crowd cheered the tracksuit-wearing singer on.

So fast forward a few years, it’s a shame to see she’s chosen this route to get noticed.

Willow could have looked to the likes of Taylor Swift and gone for a more clean-cut image – she is still only 14 after all. But she appears ti have chosen the Miley way.

In the same fashion Miley seemed to choose the Lindsay Lohan way, who was another child star spinning out of control. It seems to be becoming more and more inevitable with young stars.

Let’s hope Will and Jada have a word with their little girl.

It comes after last year, shots were leaked of Willow, then 13, in bed with shirtless 20-year-old male actor Moises Arias.

Her family leapt to her defence and suggested it was all innocent.

What about this new picture – is that innocent too? Why is there such a rush in Hollywood for kids to grow up?

Slow down people, enjoy your youth and let your talent do the talking.