Why Dannii Minogue has become my hair hero *jealous face*


Thank goodness for Dannii Minogue and her amazing age-defying barnet! Confused? Okay, here’s my reason why…

Not only do men generally have it easier than us women, they even (in most cases) get better looking with age.

Greying hair and wrinkles manage to make men more distinguished and handsome. Whereas us ladies tend to go the opposite way. Unless you’re Dannii Minogue that is…

Kylie has always been the most lusted-after sister out of the Minogues, but the older the gets the less attractive she is becoming.

At 45 years-old Kylie is sporting ever increasing super-taut wrinkle-free skin, not a good look. Whilst Dannii is blossoming the older she gets, at 42 she is looking way better than her sister.

After a regrettable hair cut recently, I have a bad case of hair envy after seeing her new gorgeous voluminous chocolate brown bob this week.

And that’s not her only reason to celebrate. She also stole victory on Australian X Factor last night when her contestant Dami Im won the singing competition Down Under. 

Something tells me that hairdressers around the country are going to be asked to do a ‘Dannii’ this winter.

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