Sinead O'Connor's right - Miley Cyrus and co are being exploited


Another week, another drama involving Miley Cyrus.

It all kicked off when singer Sinéad O’Connor wrote her an open letter warning her against allowing herself to be exploited’.

Sinéad wrote: It is absolutely NOT in ANY way an empowerment of yourself or any other young women, for you to send across the message that you are to be valued (even by you) more for your sexual appeal than your obvious talent.’

She added: ‘I’ve been in the business long enough to know that men are making more money than you are from you getting naked.’

But Miley didn’t seem to take kindly to the well-intentioned advice.

In fact, she responded on Twitter apparently mocking by Sinéad‘s previous mental health issues, comparing her to troubled former teen star Amanda Bynes, who’s currently having psychiatric treatment.

Not cool, Miles.

Sinéad‘s since written two more open letters, asking her to apologise and calling her ignorant’.

The thing is, I do think Sinéad has a point when she talks about young female pop stars being pimped out’.

I’m honestly sick of the sight of Miley, Rihanna, Britney Spears and co wearing next to nothing and gyrating away in their videos. It’s boring and clichéd.

We all know sex sells’ but these girls aren’t just hot bodies – they’re actual people. Talented singers, not pieces of meat.

It’s one thing to be body confident and sexy, but you don’t see Justin Bieber stripping naked and playing a rent boy in his videos, do you? So where’s the sexual equality?

And there’s enough sexual pressure on young girls these days without every pop star in existence making it normal’ to act like a ruddy porn star.

Even Britney – perhaps being that bit older now – seems to have realised that things have gone too far.

She’s revealed she cut some sexy scenes from her video for Work Bitch and admits: Sometimes I’d like to bring it back to the old days when there was like one outfit through the whole video… and there’s, like, not that much sex stuff going on.’ Well said, Brit.

It must be hard to draw a line when you’re starting out and trying to build a career, but the sooner pop stars like Miley wise up and start saying: No way, I’m not doing that,’ the better for everyone.


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