Why I'm worried for reality TV stars like Maria Fowler

I felt beyond sad when I opened a tabloid newspaper this morning to read that former TOWIE star Maria Fowler had tried to kill herself – just a week after we revealed TOWIE’s Mario Falcone had also tried to end his life by taking an overdose of 40 strong painkillers.

The Daily Mirror reported that Maria – who left TOWIE last year following allegations she’d worked as an escort – spent three nights in hospital last week after taking an overdose of pills and is now recovering with her mum in Derby.

Of course, Maria will have been suffering her own personal issues, as her Twitter posts made clear.

First, she posted the lyrics from Passenger’s song, Let Her Go: Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low’.

Then she Tweeted: Whenever you feel like giving up, think of all the people that would see you fail’ – followed by her most revealing Tweet yet which came after she was discharged from hospital.

She said: Fake friends are like shadows always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.’

I really feel for the 26-year-old and I think it’s a reminder of why we should all be wary of dreaming of reality TV fame.

Sure, I’d enjoy the perks. One day I’m living my normal human life. The next, I’m an actual celebrity getting VIP treatment, being invited to red carpet events where I get to meet my idols, and am being delivered awesome freebies my previous existence couldn’t afford.

And people would know who I was! I’d have FANS! And haters, too. But that’d just mean I’d really made it.

That lifestyle would be pretty mega for a while.

But imagine how hard it must be to live a normal, healthy life while under constant pressure to play up to that exaggerated persona that won me my place on the show?

All while under the scrutiny of millions of people who you MUST entertain.

Even when you don’t feel happy.

Cos if you don’t, you’ll be dropped back into your previous humdrum existence.

It’s a vicious cycle for these stars who are only famous because
they’re famous – one where all too often we see them crumble under the
pressures fame brings, or crumble chasing after it.

I just hope Maria Fowler’s now getting all the rest and support she needs – as far away from the limelight as possible.

Maria‘s agent has confirmed that she did try to take her own ife.

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