Forget the first pic of pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby - we've got exclusive sex face photos from the conception

Welcome to a special Royal edition of The Sex Face Files, where uncovers some of the rudest, most shocking celebrity photos ever seen, of famous people pulling their sex faces – IN PUBLIC!

Of course, we’re all overjoyed with Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s baby news! Who doesn’t love a royal baby?

You may find other websites (including this one, if Photoshop’s not playing up) have photos of what the Royal nipper could look like. But here at the Sex Face Files, we’ve got something much more interesting – exclusive photos from the conception!

I know what you’re thinking. How did we get such incredible photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William making sweet, sweet regal love?

Did we break into the Royal household, install secret cameras and take intimate snaps of what is surely one of the most important couplings in recent times?

No. We didn’t. It’s all made up.

But we are decorating Now towers with red white and blue baby bunting (as in classic nursery rhyme Little Baby Bunting) and knitting the Royal baby a tiny crown.

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