What we learnt about Jacqueline Jossa as she supported Dan Osborne at his stripping debut

If we were dating TOWIE hottie Dan Osborne AND going to watch him strip
down to his pants in front of a massive crowd of flesh-hungry women, we
would be tempted to rock up on the red carpet wearing an outfit that
showed everyone exactly why Dan chose us.

We’d probably get a bit of cleavage out and throw in some leg action, to boot.

So we would like to take this moment to give a shout out to his girlfriend and baby mamaJacqueline Jossa
who did just the opposite last night.

EastEnders star Jacqueline supported Dan as he kicked off his Dreamboys strip show, by wearing a rather conservative body-hugging white
dress and a pair of £19.99 New Look heels – and revealed just how perfect their clearly relationship is.

Looking absolutely stunning, Jacqueline proved that she doesn’t need to go all-out sexy to keep her man. She’s got him just the way she is.

And, it gets worse. Instead of giving evils to the women ogling Dan‘s tanned and toned chest, a confident Jacqueline was his biggest fan, joining the cheers at the strip-tacle.

Not only is Jacqueline the luckiest girl on the planet by dating Dan (one of the most beautiful men ever) and being pregnant with his baby – but she’s totally cool and secure with it as well.

And that made her one of the sexiest women at Rise nightclub in London’s Leicester Square last night.

After the show, the crazy-in-love couple posed together and smiled adoringly at one another, completely oblivous to our outrageous envy. 

Then, at the end of the night, Dan and Jacqueline were spotted cuddling and kissing over a celeberatory meal at Angus Steakhouse. ANGUS STEAKHOUSE.

Yep, touching man steak wasn’t enough for Jacqueline, she had to eat one as well.

I’m afraid our chances of ever snogging Dan Osborne are slim to none, girls.

Instead you’ll find us looking at pictures of him
while we’re supposed to be working (it’s all about the second window) or
squealing at Dan‘s Instagram feed on our commute home (using our inside voices so we don’t make a scene, of course). 

*sobs crocodile tears into cup of tea and is so devastated we drink it any way*

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