We haven't heard the end of this love story, and I'll tell you why

When people ask me who my favourite member of TOWIE is I always tell them, James ‘Arg’ Argent.

He’s genuine, down-to-earth, a great laugh, well-mannered and one of the nicest celebs on planet showbiz – so it’s no surprise that Gemma Collins called him her ‘true love,’ this week.

They began dating in June 2012 and fast became my favourite reality telly couple until they split up a few months later. Since then, Arg and Gemma have maintained they are just good friends.

Recently, Gemma told me: ‘We love each other to death but just as friends. People would love for us to get back together, but he’s 24 and I’m 32.’

But despite her denial, last night on TOWIE she asked Arg if he’d give their romance another shot but was reduced to tears when he told her he didn’t want to.

But whatever he says, Arg is in love with Gemma and she loves him too – they just don’t know it yet!

When I met up with them in Marbella last month the chemistry between them was enough to tell me that we haven’t heard the end of this love story.

When there’s chemistry between two people it’s a form of sexual tension – they will often bicker, criticise each other and act like an old married couple, but they have a lot of fun and laugh lots. Remind you of anyone?

Here’s the evidence:

In Marbella I watched as a fiercely protective Gemma warned the waiter not to offer Arg any canapés: ‘He’s had enough of those and he’s about to eat a three-course dinner!’

Arg and Gemma know exactly what buttons to press with each other and do it as often as they can:

Arg confesses he’s looking for love… but it will be with a different girl every night.

Meanwhile, Gemma insists: ‘Arg wants a young, skinny bird, but they’re never gonna have my personality. He will end up with someone like me one day. I’m like his guardian angel.’

And a giggling Arg can’t resist telling me: ‘Gemma‘s farted in front of me before.’

‘I let out all my gas around Arg!’ she laughs.

And what says love more than a fart?

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