The Fall is the best thing on the box at the moment. Even though I nearly peed my pants watching it because it's so scary


I’ve fallen for The Fall. The creepy, dark thriller took the nation by storm last night with 3.53 million viewers – the biggest debut on BBC2 in eight years. It’s the new Broadchurch. No, scrap that. It’s BETTER than Broadchurch. There. I said it! And here are my five reasons why…

1. Jamie Dornan
Naked. Doing press ups. Now that was worth tuning in for alone. But the model-turned-actor really can act. He’s no pretty boy getting by on his looks. Jamie plays Paul Spector, a serial killer on a murdering spree in Belfast who’s a loving dad and husband at home. Which means you kinda fall in love with him and then hate yourself for it.

2. Gillian Anderson
Scully. OK, not anymore, for the former X Files actress has swapped aliens for evil as Stella Gibson, a detective superintendent on secondment from the Metropolitan Police. She likes swimming. And eats burgers. And I hear she gets some love interest as the series runs too! #TotalGirlCrush

3. Hollyaoks
We love Hollyoaks. And ex-Hollyoaks actors. And there are plenty of them on the show. The gorgeous Bronagh Waugh plays poor, innocent Sally-Ann, wife of Paul. Which means she gets to snog Jamie‘s face off. Er, jeal! Moustache man Emmett J.Scanlan also stars as detective Glen Martin, who we’ll be seeing more of in next week’s episode. And let’s not forget…

4. Gerard McCarthy
Having swapped cross dressing as Hollyoaks‘ Kris Fisher for a solicitor’s suit, the gorgeous Gerard (with ginger-ish hair!) plays Kevin McSwain. We only got a glimpse of him in the first ep but now Kevin’s flirting colleague has been murdered, he’s bound to be all heartbroken. Ahh!

5. Belfast

I’ve never been to Northern Ireland and now I really want to go and explore Belfast. Hot men. Cool bars. Yes please!

Missed it? You fool! Catch up here on BBC iPlayer: The Fall

* The Fall is on BBC2 Monday nights, 9pm.